Our vehicle tracking device uses the GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) network – the most extensive, reliable and fastest growing communication network currently available to the vehicle tracking industry.

Key Features

  • Reliable Vehicle Tracking.
  • Accurate Position Pin Point With Your Phone
  • Use your phone to shut down the vehicle anytime.
  • Set speed limit and be in control all the time
  • Know the Location of your Vehicle Anytime


As a FRSC accredited vendor, our speed limiters which has been certified by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is durable and has been tested for quality and performance.

We have well experienced and trained engineers to carry installation in all kinds of vehicles. Our installation services are cost effective and we also generate and provide for our customers, FRSC Certificate of Compliance on every installed vehicle.

Key Features

  • LCD Interface
  • Mini Printer
  • Supports USB
  • Supports Data Card



Key Features

  • Internet-ready protection for your home or business 24/7
  • Surveillance in the palm of your hand with live viewing on 3G enabled Smart-phones
  • Remote viewing for I-phone, Android, WinCE, Symbian, Internet
  • CCTV/Closed System – Wired


We sell inverters .A power inverter, or inverter, is an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The input voltage, output voltage and frequency, and overall power handling depend on the design of the specific device or circuitry. Our Inverters are available for domestic as well as corporate applications, with output capacities ranging from 0.8KVA to 100KVA.

While the standard generators operate with constant speed, the inverter generators can adjust the speed according to the power requirements. This means that the inverter generators have engines that can run at variable speed depending on the load. This feature makes the inverter generators to be more fuel efficient and thus environment friendly electrical equipment. The inverter generators are in fact generators that have built-in inverters.

The following text will highlight some of the most important benefits of the inverter generators and it will explain why these electrical tools are so widely used today for different types of applications.

High Fuel Efficiency – The inverter generator has the capability to automatically adjust the speed of the engine, in order to produce only the amount of power which is needed for the application in use. The conventional generators usually run at constant speed of 3600 rpm. But the inverter generators can run at slower rpm while at the same time maintaining the power and the frequency. The inverter can reduce the fuel consumption up to 40% because the engine doesn’t run at full speed constantly.

High Quality Electrical Output And Parallel Capability – The technology inverter generators use, enables them to produce power similar to the power which is used in homes. The inverter generator can also be paired with another identical unit. This way the power is doubled. The parallel capability allows you to use two small and lightweight inverters instead of using on big and bulky conventional generator for any type of application, in your home or outdoors.

Maintenance – The conventional and old fashioned generators usually require periodical maintenance in order to provide proper electrical output. This means that oil or fuel that is used needs to be replaced every 200 hours of use. If the generator is not used for more than 30 days, the fuel which is used will drain and the carburetor will run dry. On the other hand, the inverter generators don’t need special treatments for maintenance. They require just inspection of the batteries once in a year.

Key Features

  • Wider input voltage.
  • Fast charging capacity. Max.20A or 40A of charging current for choice.
  • Battery up-gradable up to 8
  • Compact size for convenient use and storage.
  • Off mode charging function.
  • Provides overload protection.

GPS Phone Watch and Kidsport GPS Tracking Band

The GPS phone watch and Kidsport GPS tracking band. The GPS phone allows children to call their parents from the watch.

As for additional features, they constantly monitor a child’s location through GPS, and deliver updates every ten minutes via the mobile app. Parents can set geo-fence boundaries that activate automatic alerts as soon as a child crosses them.

If your child is in trouble, they can press an SOS button on the device to call for help. It systematically begins to call contacts in a pre-programmed list, and if the first number doesn’t answer it will call the next until it goes through the entire list.



1) The smallest size in the world: 40mm*30mm*12.5mm.
2) Waterproof level IP 67.
3) Delicate appearance and comfortable materials.
4) Real-time tracking.
5) Low-power consumption, working time reach 12 hours.
6) Two way voice communication.
7) Preset three dialing number.
8) Build-in G-Sensor for saving the battery.
9) LBS positioning when under buildings.
10) Build-in flash memory for coordinates storage.
11) GEO-Fence alarm.
12) Emergency alarm.
13) Available for voice mornitoring