Salcomms Trackers is a NCC licensed company and also a promoter of GPS trackers. We specialize in offering GPS Automatic Vehicle Locators, Vehicle Speed Limiter, Fleet Management Services, and Software Solutions. Our advanced research and development allows us to offer not only adequate tracking solutions but the establishment and running of fleet management system which can also be offered on customer’s customized tracking software applications .


Real time vehicle tracking – Internet-based for easy access

Using the Salcomms vehicle tracking system you can track your vehicles in real-time, anytime, using any internet-connected device. There is no need for proprietary software or maps – everything is accessed over the web. Our live vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, and mobile technology to ensure that their positions, routes and logs are constantly updated.

Google Maps, backed by Satellite is used to pinpoint your vehicles. Our website gives you instant access to 12 months’ worth of history for each vehicle. Older data is archived for easy retrieval.


Vehicle Tracking Logs – Available online and delivered by email

Vehicle tracking logs are presented in a clear, easy-to-read format. The tracking log are available according to the needed activity of the vehicle; Driving Records, Parking Records, Vehicle mileage, Running Trip, Idling Record, etc.  Each report shows the date and time and the ignition status of the vehicle(s).

Custom Location Names – Adding your own custom address location names is an easy task. (See the configuration section.) These names then replace the street addresses on your customized reports, making it easy to identify sites that were visited regularly.

Links to locations– clicking on any place name takes you to a map showing that location, and the magnifying glass next to each trip takes you straight to the route display, described below.


Route map display – Clear, colour-coded journey reports

Each individual business vehicle trip, or all journeys for a day, are displayed on the vehicle tracking software maps. Control and calendar buttons at the top allow you to step through each of the trips in a day – or to move between days. Each vehicle waypoint is marked with an arrow symbol indicating direction of travel and colour-coded according to speed thresholds shown in the key.


Mobile app – Vehicle tracking information on the move

The Salcomms Mobile App enables users to view the real-time location of their vehicles and access the

core features of the system whilst on the move. The app is free to download and can be used by all Salcomms’ customers.

The Salcomms Mobile App offers various features:

Vehicle List – a summary of all the vehicles to which the user has access, and their present location.

Live Tracking – shows the latest location of a chosen vehicle in real time, as well as other vehicles in the area.

Settings – Geo-Fence management, alarm alert settings; SMS and email destination can be set on the app.

Alarm Notification – Notification on activated alarms such as; Power-Off, Parking, Out-Of-Fence, Speed, Emergency can be received on the mobile app.

Remote Control – Vehicle immobility command involving the enabling and disabling of engine can be activated on the mobile app.

The app is available to download for free on our website, the App Store and Windows Phone Store.


The Comprehensive Fleet Management package is a product that aims to assist the fleet managers in achieving greater productivity. Salcomms’ fleet management system provides the followings:-

  •  The creation and management of geo-fences (user-defined areas)
  •   Route Mapping and management
  •   Trip Event Report
  •   Delivery Note Report
  •   Historical Playback on all travelled routes
  •   Management reports
  •   Driver Behaviour Management
  •   Vehicle Management


Salcomms Kwik Xtra also offers “container tracking”. This has enabled freight containers to be tracked by a portable GPS device. Benefits of this approach include increased security and the possibility to reschedule the container transport movements based on accurate information about its location.