Telematics | Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Asset Manager

Use our telematics system today to take data, such as fleet, vehicle, car location, driver behavior, vehicle activity, and fuel consumption, and then visualizes it with software that helps fleet operators manage their performance.

Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions offers increase in the productivity of your fleet. Our solutions gives you unlimited access to information about your vehicles and drivers, with features, tools and reports to help maximize return on investment. Our fleet technology is exactly what you need.

Vehicle Tracking

Using a car tracker to monitor and safeguard your vehicle. Car trackers offer the ultimate piece of mind. If your car is stolen, your tracker uses VHF, GSM or GPS tracking to send out regular updates about its position with the latest in real time tracking technology.

Asset Manager

Our asset manager prevents potential misuse and theft by giving you the tools to track and locate assets. Whether they’re on-site or not, you know exactly where your assets are and how they’re being utilized. It gives you detailed event, trip, location, service and entered fuel reports 


What is car tracking

A vehicle tracking system is the system that allows tracking and controlling of vehicles via an online computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. The user can do this 24/7 from anywhere using a GPS satellites. This has an real time report and can track the history of the car movement, the vehicle speeds, its stop points and the routes the car followed.


How does the Vehicle Tracking Work

There’s nothing worse than walking out from your office, hotel or even home and finding out your car has been stolen. According to IOL South Africa, vehicles with tracking devices has over 80% chances of recovery.

If your car is stolen or moved without your permission, a vehicle tracking system is the best option in recovering your car with less damage. Installing a vehicle tracker on your vehicle gives you access to our advanced vehicle tracking services.

This lets you monitor your car from your computer or smartphone, depending on the level you choose. You can also choose automation which helps your managers avoid pitfalls that comes in fleet management 

Benefits of vehicle Tracking

  • GPS pinpoint positioning – know exactly where your car is for recovery and emergency response
  • Dedicated recovery teams – ready 24/7 for vehicle recovery and emergency response
  • GeoLoc advanced alert – anti-theft system alerts you when your vehicle is moved without your permission
  • Smartphone app – track your car anywhere, anytime
  • Internet tracking – find your car anywhere on an interactive map of Nigeria
  • Harsh event reporting – driver behavior tracking and analysis
  • Panic remote – send a silent distress signal when you sense danger
  • Tax logbook – easily and effortlessly track, measure and monitor car expenses
  • Custom geo-fencing – 24/7 alerts track and manage the safety of your family and their vehicles
  • Crash alert – impact sensor sends an alert if your car is involved in an accident
  • No-go zones – immediate alerts when you enter a high-crime zone
  • Border alerts – automatic notification if your car approaches the Nigerian border to verify authorised use