Hi, My name is Shina Salako

I am the CEO of Salcomms Kwik Extra. The number 1 fleet management company in Nigeria. For many years now, my team and I have been helping multi-national and several other companies to optimize their fleets.
We have taken companies from zero experience in fleet management and revolutionize their entire fleet operation thereby helping them to save cost.

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You can own the best fleet management system and if you don't know how to maximize it, it will be a waste of money and infrastructure.
That is why you need us to take a look at your fleet management operation and help you get the most value from it.
It does not matter the fleet management system you are using; we will help you get it working effectively.

shina salako

Who is Shina Salako

The problem is not having a fleet management system, the problem is the successful implementation of the fleet management system to deliver its value to its full capacity.

A lot of companies in Nigeria with fleet management systems barely know how to utilize them.

Neglecting the fact that they can monitor drivers behaviour, save fuel, optimize routes and so much more.

Fleet management system is more than just a GPS tracking.

This is where I come in.

As a pre-eminent name in Fleet Management industry in Nigeria, my job has been to take my client’s fleets to the next level. And I have pioneered several successful project.

With over 12 years experience, I lead the best fleet management team in Nigeria.

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