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Enforcement of Speed Limiters Commences on October 1st, Says FRSC Corps Marshal - Get One Installed Today !


Salcomms Kwik Xtra is a NCC licensed company and also certified By Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). We specialize in offering GPS Automatic Vehicle Locators, Vehicle Speed Limiter, Fleet Management Services, and Software Solutions. Our advanced research and development allows us to offer not only adequate tracking solutions but the establishment and running of fleet management system which can also be offered on customer’s customized tracking software applications .

We understand that managing your fleet involves a lot of time analyzing very detailed and complex reports. Salcomms Kwik Xtra does the hard work for you. We’ve developed a simple, automated system which works intelligently to push key information to you.

Salcomms Kwik Xtra offers state of the art vehicle tracking and security in real-time, 24/7. With live vehicle locations on screen you can see where your vehicles are at any time. Route information and instant traffic data helps you to optimize your journey efficiency throughout your fleet. By establishing email and SMS location alerts, you can ensure that expensive vehicles are kept safe at any location.

Protect your business from fraudulent drivers by using historical location evidence. Find out more how Vehicle Tracking System from Salcomms Kwik Xtra can help your business. Contact us today.


Desirable cars New cars are particularly at risk of theft which is why Salcomms Kwik Xtra offers great new car security systems for drivers. Thousands of vehicles are stolen every day in Nigeria, so it’s a very real threat, particularly if you own a desirable vehicle. Be aware that certain brands or models are more sought-after and you should always invest in a tracker if you want to give your car that extra element of security.
Extra secure Our TRACKER devices are hidden, so that thieves cannot find and remove them easily. When the car is reported as missing, the device will be activated and we will be able to send the signal which will automatically immobilize the vehicle, you can then track your vehicle and recover it.

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