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Stay in perfect control of your fleet daily operations. Get access to real time tracking of your fleets with our telematics system.

Find The Right Solution For Your Business Needs

We help businesses in complex environments solve their asset tracking and location monitoring problems in a hassle-free way.


Use our telematics system today to take data, such as fleet vehicle location, driver behavior, vehicle activity, and fuel consumption, and then visualizes it with software that helps fleet operators manage their performance.

System Integration

With our system integration, you can get Telematics, ERP and ELDs with stand-alone Apps. (Digital Transformation). This is done in a secure, consolidated manner to provide a business with end-to-end, companywide insights.

Data Analytics

Your generated myriad of data is useful only when applied with data analytics. Our data analytic helps you get a descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive data visualization for informed business decisions.


Discover the true potential of your vehicles and fleet and ensure that your vehicles run efficiently even while you are away. Data integrity-driven capture, processing and analysis based on business KPIs

how it works

At Salcomms Trackers, we understand the challenges of managing a fleet. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge solution that provides fleets with instant and direct integration to relevant and powerful telematics data. Our approach eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming device or hardware installations, ensuring that you can access critical data without any disruptions to your operations.

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Nigeria pioneering fleet management Service provider.

See in near real-time a 360 degree view of your fleet’s daily operations so you can help to reduce costs, increase productivity and stay on top of vehicle maintenance, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Monitor driver performance and remotely control your fleet against vehicle theft, fuel pilferage and overspeeding with instant alerts.

Be in Full Control

Know where your trucks are, how long they will be there, and where they are going next, you can create efficient routes that services more customers. This means you can increase potential profit margins by taking advantage of telematics services.

Our cloud-to-cloud system integrates with many popular software used across all industries for data analytics. You can use it to easily get data for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as, assets, trailers, and construction vehicles.

Customize Data that is important to you

You can customize reports to see the data that is important to you, helping you understand the movements of your entire fleet and the habits of your drivers with actionable insights. You can then make adjustments based on this data.

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