Enhance Safety, Efficiency and ROI with AI-Powered Video Telematics

A single platform video solution tailored to your fleet needs

What Is Video Telematics?

 Video telematics integrates cameras and data analytics with fleet tracking solutions, revolutionizing driver monitoring, risk assessment, and event recording.

Key Benefits Of Video Telematics

  • Improve Safety with real-time driver monitoring and proactive identification of risky behaviors 
  • Increase Efficiency by optimizing route planning and navigation, reducing idle time and fuel consumption
  • Maximize ROI with significant reduction in accident-related costs, insurance premiums and maintenance expenses
  • Reduce Accidents with AI-powered collision prevention systems and comprehensive analysis of near-miss incidents 
  • Lower Operational Costs with Automated reporting, minimized wear and tear and fuel consumption
dashcam for video telematics

What is Video Telematics?

video telematics for trucks

Vision AI

This option within the Vision AI camera range effectively monitors risky driving behaviors and on-road hazards.

Real-time Monitoring: Access live video feeds to monitor driver behavior and vehicle surroundings.
Advanced Analytics: Utilize AI-driven insights to improve safety and operational efficiency.
Scalable & Flexible: Tailored solutions for fleets of all sizes.

Key Features

  • The dashcam comes in two options i.e. single (road-facing) or dual camera (road-facing and in-cab)
  • Two additional cameras can be added to each option i.e. fatigue, side and rear cameras
  • Real-time in-cab coaching alerts
  • Access to video review and risk-based driver scoring features in the web portal

Vision AI Max

Fleet operators seeking comprehensive visibility both inside and outside the vehicle will find this option ideal, particularly for transporting high-value goods and meeting stringent safety compliance requirements.

Maximize Safety and Compliance with Vision AI Max

Enhanced Safety Features: Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) integrated.

High-Definition Video: Crystal clear footage for detailed analysis.

Compliance Tracking: Ensure adherence to industry regulations.

Key Features:

  • The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows for 4 or 5 cameras to be connected to meet operational needs for heavy vehicles
  • Multiple camera options: road-facing, in-cab, fatigue, side and rear
  • Real-time in-cab coaching alerts
  • Access to video review and risk-based driver scoring features in the web portal

Benefits of Video Telematics

Driver fatigue monitoring

Identify and alert for signs of driver fatigue to prevent accidents.

Distraction Detection

Monitor and reduce driver distractions (visual, auditory, biomechanical, cognitive) to enhance road safety.

Speeding and harsh braking detection

Track and correct speeding and harsh braking behaviors.

Excessive idling monitoring

Reduce fuel costs and emissions by monitoring excessive idling.

Why Choose Salcomms For Your Video Telematics?

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