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With Salcomms AI Dashboard cameras, Drivers and fleet managers get real-time alerts for risky driving. This will in turn help to improve safety and operational efficiency.

The AI Dashboard camera comes with: Road-facing and in-cab facing cameras detect and prevent collisions and risky driver behavior keeping you connected, and your drivers and vehicles protected.

With this cameras, you can easily know what happened at every given time. Detecting AI events on the road including collision warning, lane departure and following distance.


Accompany your family and keep your kids safe. This tracker comes with long battery life with an ability to remind parents to charge it.

It gives the parents the precise location using GPS, APGS, LBS and Wifi.


This tracker helps you locate your vehicle from thousands of miles away. It gives you a real time and precise GPS location through advanced GPS chipset with accuracy deviation of less than 5 meters.

You can listen to what is happening in the car without generating notification to anyone in the car. It also allow you to remotely disable engine with action done when the speed of car is less than 10km/h


Car Speed Governor Vehicle Electronic Speed Limiter for Buses Trucks ITMS Nano is a speed limiter device for vehicle with small size, easy installation an good price. It is dsigned for car safty driving with speed limiter function. It has passed Soncap test which is a very important certificate for Nigeria.


  • Speed Record 360 hours (TXT)
  • Speed Limit /Control
  • Download Speed Report Automatically
  • Pulse Speed Model (only)
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • With USB Port for data download & upgrade firmware.