Managing your fleet has never been easier. Our goal is to innovate and evolve the transport industry.

Our Main Services

Intelligent Fleet and Vehicle Technology for Proactive Businesses


Use our telematics system today to take data, such as fleet vehicle location, driver behavior, vehicle activity, and fuel consumption, and then visualizes it with software that helps fleet operators manage their performance.

System Integration

With our system integration, you can get Telematics, ERP and ELDs with stand-alone Apps. (Digital Transformation). This is done in a secure, consolidated manner to provide a business with end-to-end, companywide insights.

Data Analytics

Your generated myriad of data is useful only when applied with data analytics. Our data analytic helps you get a descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive data visualization for informed business decisions.


Discover the true potential of your vehicles and fleet and ensure that your vehicles run efficiently even while you are away. Data integrity-driven capture, processing and analysis based on business KPIs

Watch Towel Solution

A Proactive structure in the Telematics/Tracking department that monitors each department’s engagements with the truck (KPIs) with the real-time escalation of set time violations and recording of the reasons of failing to meet the set target

Critical Desk

A proactive desk in the Telematics/Tracking department that reacts to critical events that the vehicle alerts in real-time. Meant for mitigating risks that may arise from failing telematics system or diversion from Set SLA conditions

Relay Race Approach

Truck activities are attached to the responsible departments or parties and time taken closing out engagements with the truck is recorded against the departments KPIs with automated telematics delay alerts